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Discover Why Timing Is The Secret To Optimal Performance?
TIMING IS EVERYTHING.  The way you walk, talk without stuttering, the time it takes for you to fall asleep, process language, keep your balance, play sports, and even how you read a book and do your homework is all affected by your brain's timing.

Our internal timing is imperative to everything that we do as humans, both the extraordinary and simple things. Precise timing is responsible for  stellar athletic performance, perfect musical melodies, flowing speech, and laser-focus attention.

Timing is responsible for the synchronous communication of our brains' network system that connects cognitive processes and physical movement. Therefore, the ability to have accurate neurotiming is one of the most critical factors in human performance.

"I started to notice right away that his attention, focus, and coordination just got better."

"His test scores jumped 3 levels in a week."
"His teacher even said 'whatever you're doing is working' at the parent conference."

"Academically, my daughter is having the best year!"

Dr. Jerry

Academically, my daughter is having the best year! Homework is not an issue anymore and she appeared to grasp new subjects and concepts with more ease and thoroughly enjoyed learning. Your program put her in a good place and she became very confident in her abilities. Thank you Dr. Jerry for helping Ava!

Traci W.

"I'm happy to report my son does not struggle anymore." 

Dr. Jerry

Thank you for helping my son. His senior year of high school has been his best year ever. Having been diagnosed with ADHD in the first grade, Max has had many struggles.

Well, I am very happy to report that he does not struggle any more. He had a 3.6 GPA 1st semester of this year, giving him high honors. He was elected student of the month by the high school math dept. Max went from a "C" math student to an "A." His teacher reported that he now looks to see Max double check his answers. 

Thank you again Dr. Jerry for helping to make Max a confident, successful student.

Leanne H.

"We noticed a change in our daughter's behavior in one week."

Dear Dr. Jerry

Now that Alicia has finished the Go Get Focused program, we want to thank you for a great program and your follow up throughout. We noticed a change in her behavior after just one week. She is more responsive to suggestions and her moods have changed for the better. She listens to our asking questions and does things without fighting back. Her anxiety has gotten better and her sleep patterns have improved. Overall she has become a lot more well adjusted to being a child of her age.

We want to thank you for this great program and all your follow up with us. Whenever we had a question, you answered us back very promptly. Alicia enjoyed all of the exercises and looked forward to finishing them each and everyday. Your guidance was greatly appreciated. Overall this is a great program and we would highly recommend it.

Simon and Ada W.

"He is more patient and able to focus for longer periods of time."

Dr. Jerry

Your program has helped my son tremendously. Before he started the program, he was very impulsive and struggled with getting along with others.

The difference now is that he is more patient and able to focus for longer periods of time. He is now in middle school and in honors classes.

Thank you for a wonderful experience with this program. You were always responsive and showed concern for my son’s situation. I highly recommend your program to others.  

Donna S.
What Are The Benefits of Neurotiming?
Neurotiming is an evidence-based assessment and training tool that helps strengthen the brain’s ability to synchronize thought and movement to a steady metronome beat. It responds to a person’s physical performance by providing real-time auditory and visual feedback in milliseconds, indicating whether they are hitting before, after or in sync with the beat. The overall goal of Neurotiming training is to improve timing in the brain through rhythm and repetition.

Studies show that children with learning or developmental disorders, as well as adult acquired neurological illnesses or injuries, have poor Neurotiming.

Improvement in Neurotiming will promote improvement in:
  • Attention & Executive Functioning
  • ​Motor Coordination & Balance
  • ​Sensory Processing
  • ​Anxiety
  • Control of Impulsivity & Aggression
  • Sports Performance

What Is Neuroplasticity?

Neuroplasticity refers to the capacity of the nervous system to change its structure and its function over a lifetime in reaction to environmental interactions. When we engage in new experiences or learn something, a healthy brain begins to create new brain connections which represent learning. These connections continue to be strengthened through repetitive use and practice. When the brain connections are strengthened, it becomes easier for us to do a specific task. 

Every single neuron in the brain can form up to 10,000 connections with other neurons and those links can change, based on the things we do most. When we learn a new move, the pathway is temporary, forged by chemicals surrounding the neuron. As you practice over and over, day in and day out, those chemical changes become structural. Over time, neurons will actually change shape and shift their position. As the pathway becomes more fixed, connections between different brain regions strengthen.

Thanks to neuroplasticity, the brain has the ability to recover from conditions such as ADHD, sensory processing disorders, poor motor coordination, etc.

"I develop customized protocols for every individual based on their needs and desired goals. My mission is to help eliminate the problems, not just put a band-aid on it."

Dr. Jerry A. Iavarone

Board Certified Childhood Developmental Disorders
Practitioner, Author, Lecturer, and Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions
How Old Do You Have To Be To Train?
Recommended age should be 6 years and up.
Can You Train Anywhere or Anytime?
Yes, you train anywhere as long as there is WiFi. You can train anytime, day or night.
Will I Be Able To See My Progress?
Yes, every time you train you will see your score at the end of the session.
How Long Does Each Training Session Last?
Each session will be around 10 minutes.
Is This Researched Based And Proven To Work?  
Yes, there are many independent research studies confirming that brain training is very effective in improving attention, cognitive function, and sensory processing.
How Long Do You Need To Train For?
At minimum of 6 months. I recommend 4 or more sessions per week. 
Do I Need A Special Computer Or Laptop?
No, you can use your desktop or laptop computer. No Chromebooks or iPads.
What Happens After I Complete A Training Session?
You just log off and all training scores will be uploaded to our eClinic automatically.
Can You Train Out Of The Country?
Yes, as long as you have internet access.
Does It Help With Sports?
Yes, by improving brain timing, studies have shown an improvement in coordination, sports timing, and reaction time.

High Percent of Early Strikes

Balanced Early/Late Strikes

618% Improvement In Sensory Processing In 3 Months



Phase 1

Both Hands

Phase 2

Both Toes/Both Heels

Phase 3

Hand/Foot Combo

"The school has reduced his IEP to consult only and they reduced his autism diagnosis completely."

"They removed intellectual disability...She is more focused, more confident and follows multiple directions without trouble."

"Our son became more stable and less reactive. He is calmer, and has fewer emotional outbursts."

We decided to try Dr. Jerry's program for our 13 year old son Patrick in December 2020. Previously, we had tried ADHD medication, as well as social skills therapy and counseling, all of which did not work for him. He was often anxious, and had a low level of self confidence, despite his involvement in activities and academic achievement (up until Middle School).

We reached out for help primarily because Patrick was having difficulty focusing in school, completing homework, and in general applying himself. It was very difficult for him to start his homework, let alone finish it in a timely fashion. Patrick would partially complete his assignments, and then become frustrated and give up. It was a nightly battle to get him to do all of his work. Another factor was his disorganization to even know where to begin. He would also become extremely emotional, as his frustration level increased.

Once he started Dr. Jerry's program, Patrick's progress was slow but steady, and we began noticing improvements in roughly 8 weeks. One of the first things we noticed was that Patrick became more stable and less reactive. He was calmer, and had fewer emotional outbursts. As time went on, the improvements became more significant, as he started being able to sit and complete homework assignments, as well as finishing in-school classwork in the allotted time. Since completing the program, Patrick is much more conscientious about the work he needs to do for school, and usually does it without us even reminding him. Overall, his grades have improved, and he is much more consistent. His confidence has grown, as he has taken ownership of academic progress and achievement. On a personal note, Patrick is also doing well socially at school, and is enjoying his extracurricular activities.

We'd like to thank Dr. Jerry for always being available to answer our questions and for staying involved in the whole process. He encouraged Patrick to persevere, and always kept him up to date on his progress. We are truly grateful for Dr. Jerry for helping Patrick mature and develop.

John and Victoria K.

"I could process information more quickly and clearly."

I highly recommend Dr. Jerry as a specialist and a coach using Interactive Metronome. He is very knowledgeable and very responsive to any questions and concerns.

As an adult with ADHD, I found his training to be extremely beneficial. I really noticed I could process information more quickly and clearly. It also helped me with balance, posture, and gait. 

My psychiatrist from the Amen clinic suggested I try this form of training, and Dr. Jerry was highly recommended because of his experience and the amount of people he has helped. 

If you are struggling with attention, processing, anxiety, or even a TBI, I would highly recommend Dr. Jerry to get you over the finish line.

Mary Kate C.

"After the IEP meeting, his teacher doesn't see any signs of ADHD anymore."

Dr. Jerry

The school informed me that they are going to remove his ADHD diagnosis from his IEP. My husband and I are so thrilled with the results and the training program you put together for him. 

Harry is thriving in school and sports now, and I hope parents see this training tool as a first-line option instead of medication.

I just want to add that Harry enjoys the training and does it without being told. I have recommended your training to other parents.

Radha C., M.D.

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